Teacher Education


Teachers' Role

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Inviting teachers, coordinators and resource persons! You can contact us to inform of your interest in working with us.

  • Teachers understand their role as facilitators

  • They contribute by providing enriched learning opportunities rather than by instruction.

  • They facilitate self- learning, right from the kindergarten, through age- appropriate modelling of behaviour and encouraging acceptance of guidance.

The Smt K Saraswathi Endowment Oration by Dr Balaji Sampath, Founder, AID India, Ms Farida Lambay, Co - Founder Pratham and Mr Ramji Raghavan, Founder, Agastya have been occasions to share thoughts on core academics, pedagogy and enabling the teacher to be a relevant factor in social change..

A proper educational system requires a well- planned initiative towards the Professional Development of Teachers.

 Weekly Professional Development discussions encourage peer review, guidance from Co- ordinators and Mentoring by Professionals

Teachers are aware of the theories and practice of Educational concepts such as Multiple Intelligence, Kolb's Learning Styles, Blooms (et al) Taxonomy, Differentiated Instruction,