Education as a Service

Of the many roles which people play in Society, the status of Physicians and Teachers are placed on a high pedestal.

No amount of remuneration for their services can make good their contribution to individuals and to society.

Culturally, India has given the ‘Guru’ an exalted status; placing them even earlier to God, in the lineage of worthy icons.

At Saraswathi Vidyalaya we realise this in various contexts.

We provide the right guidance to children to respect and adore their teachers.

We encourage teachers to take up their Professional work with an attitude of Selfless Service.

We discuss how teachers can make themselves relevant to children; in the day- to- day activities as well as in the larger context of guiding and nurturing children.

Teachers get a lot of joy in being a part of every child’s life. We actively work to make that joy purposeful and organised, so that teachers transfer significant value through their interaction with children.

With a long tradition of over 60 years of Service, we are sure that we have contributed considerably to the students who have been entrusted to our care. We are also sure that we will continue to serve them in the years to come.