Quality Policy

We plan to deliver comprehensive and continually enriched educational processes to our children.

We hope to have a formal process model in place, which will enable every stakeholder to work towards a common goal.

Nearly all practices in the institution will be ‘Planned’ for smooth action. Relevant and sustained records will be maintained to help in the planning and decision making processes.

The following areas will be studied and analysed for improvement and meeting targets

Lesson Planning

Student Engagement

Student Comprehension and Application

Assessment and Evaluation

Feedback and Review structures

Methods used to encourage the following in children

Co curricular and Extra curricular involvement

Social and Interpersonal interaction

Value orientation


Training programmes and Peer Review will enhance group work by teachers to deliver better.

Ethics and Positive growth will be the foundation of all Subjective processes including Assessment and feedback of Students and Teachers.

While institutionalising various aspects, care will be taken to guide and nurture Creativity and Individuality.

Wastage (of time, effort and material resources) and Redundancy will be kept to a minimum by constant monitoring and removal of unnecessary practices especially in the maintenance of records.

New programmes will be implemented and existing ones reoriented to enable the above. Every programme will be checked for need and coverage.

Similar quality initiatives will be used for Administration and Infrastructure Maintenance for optimum utilisation of resources and streamlining of processes.