The Method

The Krida pattern has a holistic and child centric approach, with a distinct identity of its own. The curriculum here is a healthy mix of the Indian values and the best practices of early child hood education of well known internationally accepted models like Froebel, Montessori, High / Scope U.S.A. with the Indian Values”.

 Using themes, teachers at Saraswathi Vidyalaya help parents guide their children’s all-round development in the most effective manner. The approach has been designed to highlight the interdependence of the physical, sociological and intellectual development of every child, imbibing values of culture, family and spirituality.

 A number of elements have been developed by our own staff, while implementing the well- known patterns over the years. Since 2003, we have been learning from our experiences in the classroom. We have brought in our own changes, with key inputs from parents and support staff, resulting in an well- appreciated and child- friendly model.

Saraswathi Vidyalaya has absorbed best practices from the primary levels, into the Middle and Secondary School levels. 

  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Styles of learning and
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (Formative Assessment)

are some of the aspects we factor into the Lesson and Session Plans for each day.. The focus is on developing  among teachers and children, a positive approach to learning; thereby creating an environment of stress -free learning.

 We consciously avoid the general trend which seems to be towards ‘backtracking the pressures of the Board exams’ to as early as the Lower Kindergarten which leads to rote memorisation and a curriculum without creativity and thinking.

 Emphasis is placed on the Mother tongue as a preeminent facet of learning. Children are guided to respect and cultivate their strength in their respective mother tongues. Tamil, as the State Language and the Mother tongue of many, is given the right importance. The use of English as a lingua- franca is emphasised for utilitarian purposes and as the chosen language of instruction.

Children use Windows based systems as well as Open Source systems in the Computer Lab, e.g. the Raspberry Pi, a system which works on open software like Linux. 

 The Scratch and Robotics kits are another very interesting addition to the experiential learning tools available at our school. Workbooks prepared by our Resource Team provide the right directions for self- learning

 The Junior Science lab with several simple and practical experiments attracts young children a great deal. Detailsed step- by – step guides and dedicated staff under the guidance of a co-ordinator provide assistance. The students also visit ‘Prayoga’, a centre for hands- on- learning.

 The English Lab with recording, play back and review by a teacher, using computer systems, helps to support the work of the Language teachers. 

 Children with above – normal academic abilities are factored in when lesson plans are prepared. Activities and Worksheets which can challenge them are also developed to help them reach further.

In the very immersing academic and learning environment, children with talents in other spheres need to be encouraged.

Saraswathi Vidyalaya has a long tradition of vibrant Classical Music and Dance. Contemporary interpretations of the popular patterns are used when celebrating various festivals and occasions. Multi religious and multi ethnic engagement is the norm and students are provided opportunities to learn a variety of songs and dance towards this effect.

Professional English Theatre is a regular activity for over four months during the year. This culminates in a production for the Middle Level students.

Experienced and Professional Gurus also offer desirous students their expertise in Classical Dance, Music, Mrudangam and Veena