Our School


Our Saraswathi Vidyalaya was started on 21-6-1956 with the purpose of imparting proper education to children. Our unstinted service in the educational field has earned wide appreciation from the parents and the public and we look forward to render greater measure of educational assistance in the current year. With our vast experience, expanding organisation, increasing staff and latest educational equipment, we take personal interest in the progress of every student entrusted to our care and we spare no pains to help him / her. 

Our School’s educational system prepares every young student for taking an active part in life and society, and also in the work of the public organisations and administration. His/her education aims at developing his/her capacities to the utmost and his/her upbringing which instils in him/her a need for taking part in collective and practical work which are the basic conditions for training a future citizen. 

The school plays a significant role in inculcating in a child, a sense of civic responsibility collectivism, the high moral principles of an Indian citizen and the ability to work for the common good. 

The motto of the school is KNOWLEDGE & SERVICE.