Saraswathi Vidyalaya

Progressive Education for Successful Children


Admission for Vadapalani and Nanganallur for 2024- ’25 have now commenced. You may apply here.


An Organisation which aspires to be an Institution of Excellence


A progressive curriculum with Playway method in the Lower Classes and Experiential Learning in the Middle and Secondary Levels.

About Us

Saraswathi Vidyalaya, started in 1956, is a Progressive Institution, with an aim to enable an excellent next-gen for our country. Our School’s educational system prepares every young student for taking an active part in society. The student is encouraged to excel in academics, co curricular and extra curricular activities- with equal emphasis on all domains of development.

Multi faceted development

Saraswathi VIdyalaya plans to enable each student to develop in various skills and activities. Students are expected to take part in at least one extra curricular activity and one sport during a year. While some may continue the same activity for successive years, the aim is to provide exposure to different activities so that the student can choose those which seem most interesting and creative.


What Our Parents are Saying

My daughter has got the confidence and initiative to take part in any school activity. Her shyness has vanished! Her years of silence and doubt has given way to participation and sharing..

Both my son and daughter are exploring Engineering and Medical options offered here. But they have 2 to 4 years to go and they are also thinking of other courses .. Let us see how they shape up. The school has given the choices…

I am a second generation Parent of this school. என்னுடைய அப்பாவும் அம்மாவும் ரொம்ப விரும்பி இங்கே சேர்த்தார்கள். My husband and I worked abroad but when we returned, we came back here for our son.. It’s our natural choice 🙂

We had an anxious time when covid started. Thankfully right from April the online classes were enabled and using Google Classroom etc. Good work by teachers and coordinators. Thanks.

One of the features I like is that every child is involved in any Presentation or performance by a class. They do not select some children to provide an opportunity. Also, Academic work is considered as good as Participation in School activities.